Building modular shelves with tetris pieces


I’ve an interesting project that’s a bit data related but not only. In my living room, I’ve a sort of opening in the wall between the door and kitchen countertop where I’d like put some shelves for my books. While having a dinner with a friend over wine, we were doing some random sketches then we came up with the idea of series of shelves made of tetris like blocks.


I’ve of course certain expectations:

Above is the main idea that I’ve. Then I started asking myself. Then I would I arrange the tetris blocks If I have all of them. Should I leave some empty spaces between pieces ? Should I use more straight blocks or more T blocks ? What size should be blocks if I’ve a wall of 1 meter (length) to 2.5 meter (height) ? What about a 3 meter by 1 meter, is it the same size ? What If I want to build my shelves under a staircase (sort of triangle opening for future shelves), can I have something nice ?

Where is the data part ? Or at least coding or so ?

In order to visualize all these, I’d like to write a small program which for a given dimensions arranges random tetris pieces in arbitrary way. Again based on the dimension, it would be nice to have some guideline/documentation for custom building tetris pieces for any one. I wonder if a project like this can go to kickstarter and be interesting for others too